We serve our customers with the newes production techniques and equipment. Our weaving capacity is 1.000.000 meters/month. All the basic cotton, polyester, viscose, floss silk and composite fabrics have been weaved in our facility. Moreover stripe, plaid and printed fabrics are also in our product range.

Weaving 50 feet


Our dyehouse capacity is 50 tons/days. We have the capability of dying all knitted and weaved polyester, nylon, viscose, floss silk, acetate and companion fabrics. During the finishing process we have the capability of setting the softness of the fabrics by the help of tender, gauze, sanfor and calendar machines according to our customers' demands.

Dyehouse 50 feet


From 2015, our printing deparment serves our customers with its capacity of 10000 meters per day. We also have small printing machines to help our customers to create samples with lower costs.

Printing 50 feet


We continously invest in new technologies and put effort on apply the latest techniques in our facilities. In our R&D labs, together with our research team, we have also quality and analysis team. Quality team is responsible for selecting high quality & eco-friendly materials used in the production and analysis team is responsible for analyzing the different requested fabrics demanded by our customers.

Research & Development