Bozdemir Tekstil was founded.

We started our journey with 4 textile looms in a small atelier.


Bozdemir Tekstil was changed from Sole Trader to Limited Company.

We have changed our company structure and established Bozdemir Tekstil Co. Ltd.


We moved to our new facility in Industrial Park.

In order to increase our production capacity we moved to our new factory which was specifically designed for maximum production and energy efficiency


A dyehouse was bought and became part of Bozdemir Tekstil Co. Ltd.

In order to increase the manufacturing capacity of the company, a dyehouse was bought and all the processes including weaving, dyeing, finishing and quality control has been started to be done on our own factories.


Capacity of both weaving and dyeing facilities were increased.

With modernisation of our installed machines, our capacity in weaving was increased to 1 million meters per month and our capacity in dyeing was increased to 50 tons per day.


Our dyehouse continued to grow: Yarn Dyeing facility is installed.

Demand for dyed yarn fabrics were increasing. We have decided to grow our dyehouse with yarn dyeing facility.


Fabric Printing facility was integrated to dyehouse

According to our customer needs, modern printing machines were installed in our dyehouse.


Weaving facilty was moved next to dyehouse

From 2006, dying and weaving facilities were distributed in two factories which are 10 km away from each other. In order to be more eco-friendly by increasing efficiency and deliver to our customers faster, two facilities are merged in one factory.